Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two Reasons to Sign Up For PhilPapers

I'm taking better advantage of http://philpapers.org in a couple of ways. You should too!

Raise your awareness

Click on My Profile, find Areas of Interest along the left side, and click (edit). Here you can select up to ten areas of interest.

Now, you could just check Send me digests of new papers in my areas, but the much hipper thing to do is click on New Items, fiddle with Custom Filter settings, then scroll down and click RSS Feed. This generates a custom feed to plug into your Google Reader account or whatever you prefer.

It can take some effort to figure out which articles you can read through your school, public library, or state-provided access. Remember, there's always the open access only filter; I would still get 5-15ish daily open access alerts in my areas of interest.

Build your paper library

Click Help and More then click Bargain Finder. PhilPapers automatically checks Amazon Marketplace prices for ridiculous deals in the areas of interest you selected earlier. For many of these, you'll be paying mostly shipping!

While there is an RSS option on this page, it doesn't work in any useful way.


  1. I can't get it to work on firefox. The RSS feed link gives me a download box.

  2. http://textpattern.com/faq/181/firefox-tries-to-download-my-rss-feed

    I'm using Firefox 6.0.2 and the link just displays the XML for me. Probably what you need to do on the "Here is the link" page is to right-click the RSS link and select Copy Link Location, then paste that into your RSS reader.

    Nice to see other Midwest bloggers, by the way. Howdy from Nebraska!

    Update — Went ahead and added your blog to my RSS pile.

  3. I'm using Chrome 6.0.2 and the weblink just shows the XML for me. Probably what you need to do on the "Here is the link" web page is to right-click the RSS weblink and choose Duplicate Link Place, then insert that into your RSS audience.
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