Thursday, December 1, 2011

Monthly Picks

On the first day of each month, I will be posting about new papers I've found interesting in Philosophy or Library & Information Science. I'll try to make sure at least one is accessible to everyone.

Evers, D. (forthcoming). Weight for Stephen Finlay. Philosophical Studies, forthcoming.
[link] freely accessible

Kaplan, J.M. & Winther, R.G. (forthcoming). Prisoners of abstraction? Genetic diversity, differentiation, and heterozygosity, and the very concept of "race". Biological Theory, forthcoming.
[link] freely accessible

Kim, D., McCalman, D., Fisher, D. (forthcoming). The sacred/secular divide and the christian worldview. Journal of Business Ethics, forthcoming.
[link] freely accessible

Björklund, F., Björnsson, G., Eriksson, J., Francén, R., & Strandberg, C. (forthcoming). Recent work: Motivational internalism. Analysis, forthcoming.

Papers I especially wanted to read but couldn't access

Zaïane, J.R. (2011). Global information ethics in LIS. Journal of Information Ethics 20(2), p. 25-41.

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  1. Garren, I will contact you about sharing my paper on Global Info Ethics in LIS