Sunday, January 1, 2012

Monthly Picks

On the first day of each month, I will be posting about new papers I've found interesting in Philosophy or Library & Information Science. I'll try to make sure at least one is accessible to everyone.

Sinhababu, N. (2011). The Humean theory of practical irrationality. Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy, 6(1).
[link] freely accessible

Cooper, R. & Mazzocchi, F. (2011). Forum: The philosophy of classification. Knowledge Organization, 38(5), p. 398-404.
[link] retrieved from LISTA with Full Text

Nijhof, E. (2011). Searching? Or actually trying to find something? – The comforts of searching versus the challenges of finding. World Patent Information, 33(4), p. 360-363.

  Papers I especially wanted to read but couldn't access

Magelssen, M. (2012). When should conscientious objection be accepted? Journal of Medical Ethics, 38(1), p. 18-21.

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