Sunday, July 1, 2012

Monthly Picks

On the first day of each month, I will be posting about new papers I've found interesting in Philosophy or Library & Information Science. I'll try to make sure at least one is accessible to everyone.

Green, S. (2011). Morality is not good. Emergent Australasian Philosophers 4(1).
[link] freely accessible


  1. I look forward to your suggestions, but wait:
    (1)  You just gave us a link to an abstract only -- no?

    (2) Are we really suppose to read an article whose abstract has a gross typo:
    "argued for for thousands of years. "
    If it is peer reviewed, this typo should have been seen.  Makes you wonder if even one other person has read this article.

    Skeptically yours,


  2. Hello Sabio,

    EAP appears to be an electronic journal for undergraduates, so the review process probably isn't very rigorous...and might not have included the abstract. Anyway, I think the paper itself is worth a read.

    There is a "Full Text: PDF" link just before the horizontal role, but for convenience: