Wednesday, September 26, 2012

For People Who Read Things

Seems like it's getting harder to read actual text on a Web filled with banner ads, video ads, pop ups, pop unders, social media buttons, twenty page short articles, and lists of related content.

Not even add-ons like NoScript and Adblock Plus can help with terrible website design. Luckily, there's a new(ish) kind of browser feature that does help. Usually. Take this Huffington Post article, for example:

If you missed it, the article part is in the middle and near the bottom. Now I click a magical button:

[Hallelujah chorus.]

This particular magic button is called the Clearly add-on from Evernote (free for Firefox and Chrome). Safari 5 users don't even need to add anything. Just watch for when the 'Reader' button turns from gray to blue.

For one add-on that works on darn near everything (including Internet Explorer), check out And if you're reading this post five years from now, at least you have some useful search terms to find out what's available for Safari 8 or Firefox 134.


  1. Are you the one who is responsible for the few visits I get from my site via

  2. As mentioned in email earlier, nope! I haven't ever used, but I wanted to mention the highlights of what's out there. Especially since Safari's technology reused their code.