Thursday, August 1, 2013

Monthly Picks

"I Do Not Want My Daughter To Be Nice" by Catherine Newman. New York Times Online. July 31, 2013.
A few years ago, it was the smiling expectation that really got me to understand the notion of male privilege.

"10 Things I Plan to Tell My Daughter About Sex That Aren't That Purity Movement Crap" by Jef With One F. HoustonPress Blogs. July 23, 2013.
I suppose this is an alternative to the usual approach of "tell kids that condoms are a complete fraud, so they either stay virgins until married (win) or catch a herd of STDs to reinforce the belief that sex is evil (consolation prize)."

"Reading in Prison: 'The Art of War' as Survival Guide" by Michael Krikorian. Los Angeles Review of Books. September 9th, 2012.
Not much to do with The Art of War specifically, but sending books to inmates (that the inmates actually want) is a type of charity many overlook. Bias note: I'm interning in a jail library this year.

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  1. Having a daughter, I enjoyed those links and saved them.