Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Reader Response: The Miseducation of Cameron Post Pt. 3

Continued reader response to The Miseducation of Cameron Post for my Teen Materials class.

** Spoilers everywhere! **

Chapters Seven and Eight and Nine and Ten

This is not a Hollywood movie plot. No mainstream film would spend so long on a protagonist's development before reaching a crisis (besides the one revealed in the first line). If Miseducation were any less of a pleasure on each page, I would be regretting my choice of second LGBTQ book for this class.

I would read a ten volume set of books on this character's whole life at this pace. She isn't even a very interesting character from the outside. It's easy to be Cameron when I'm reading Danforth's prose and what I want is to keep experiencing that.

Hrm, I really only want to say two things about these four chapters: (1) no important characters are allowed to be simple characters, and (2) Emily Danforth can wrote Forebodings in a way that somehow doesn't annoy me. They're not like "Little did I know this would be our last date." They're always more ambiguous that, and sometimes used as part of a larger narrative structure, like the one starting on page 150 of the first edition hardcover:

"[paragraph] But this wasn't the prom moment that got me.

Other moments that didn't get me include [...]



And it wasn't [...]. And it wasn't [...] And it wasn't even [...]


The moment that did get me was [...]"

It worked. So. Well.

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